In this hot summer weather, you are tired of working hard during the day time. At least you expect some relaxation at night time. But the temperature in your bedroom will not let you sleep and moreover it will make you sweat. How can you make yourself feel better in this hot weather? Just like the way we can change the TV channels with remote buttons if we have a remote control to switch from one season to another season, it would be great. However, God didn't give us such a beautiful option. But thanks to the scientists who invented the air conditioner and air cooler electrical devices with which we can reduce the temperature in our bedroom and have cool weather like feeling.

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This article guides you in understanding the subtle differences between an air conditioner and an air cooler. Both these appliances are designed to reduce the temperature of the room and increase the coolness. However, there are a significant number of differences between these two electrical pieces of equipment. At the end of this post, you will be able to draw a clear line between two appliances and you will be able to compare these two.

At this point, you might be thinking why should I know about this and what I am going to benefit from this. This comparison will help you in knowing how these appliances function and what device you should buy.

air-conditioner vs cooler

Air Conditioner and Air Cooler Comparison

Go through he major differences between these two home appliances.


Both the appliances are designed completely different and the way they function is also quite distinct. Air cooler has a simple mechanism. It has a fan that is connected to the motor. When the cooler is turned on, the motor starts rotating which in turn rotates the fan and blows air. This is a normal fan operation. There is another motor in the cooler which pumps the water on to the walls of the cooler. When the fan rotates, it actually blows the water droplets into the air which gives the cool feeling. To get a cool air we have to pour water into the cooler one time a day.

The disadvantages of the cooler are that you will feel cool in the area where the air is blown by the cooler. You will feel the heat in other parts of the room and also you will feel the heat as soon as the air cooler is turned off. Another disadvantage is that you have to run the cooler continuously and it consumes more power.

The air conditioner is altogether a beast that is made up of many different components. There are different types of ACs and depending on the usage we can select what type of AC we want. This is a different discussion which we are not going to discuss hear. In general, an AC contains a condenser and a refrigerant. The condenser absorbs the heat and transfers it to outside of the room. Whereas the refrigerant has a coolant gas that is responsible for cooling the room.

The advantage of the ACS are that they are auto controlled and turns on/off to control the room temperature. This saves a lot of power. And also it cools the entire room and the cooling lasts for more than 2 hours even after the AC is turned off.

Price and maintenance

Wow! There is a huge difference between the prices of these two appliances. An air cooler price can start from Rs.1000 to Rs.15000. On the other hand, the air conditioner price starts from Rs.20000 and can beyond 1 Lakh rupees. I would advise you to not spend too much money on air coolers and try not to spend more than Rs.5000. However, for an air conditioner, the price depends on the features that you want. So, note down all the specifications and select the AC.

An air conditioner requires more maintenance than the cooler as it contains many electrical components that are equipped together. The more number of parts, the more maintenance.

With this comparison, an air cooler is ideal for those who have high budget constraints and can save lot of money. The air conditioner is a luxurious product and can be affordable by only few segments of people.

Climatic conditions

Doesn't matter whether it is winter or summer, an air conditioner works in all climatic conditions and can keep you cool always. An air cooler works only when there is dryness in the air. The dry air absorbs the water droplets and reduces the heat. The air conditioner has a cool feature that can increase the room temperature in winter seasons. The cooler lacks this function.

Air quality

The air conditioner has filters that remove all the bacteria from the room and distributes the air uniformly in the room. Most of the Air conditioners have self-cleaning functionality that automatically cleans the indoor unit. We can get a good quality of air with an air conditioner.

The air cooler doesn't have the filters to remove microorganisms from the room and doesn't have self-cleaning functionality. So, we have to clean the cooler frequently, otherwise, bacteria get accumulated in the water & sidewalls which is blown into the room.


Both are heavy appliances and it is not that easy to carry them. An air conditioner is fitted on the wall of the room and doesn't feel like it has occupied space in the room. Whereas the air cooler stays on the floor and also movable. It occupies some space in the room. However, when you compare the weight of these two appliances the air conditioner is bulkier one as it contains two units. We can carry the air cooler easily as it weighs less.


No doubt that the air cooler is environmentally friendly as it doesn't have refrigerant which is the main cause for the depletion of the ozone layer and other harmful emissions. Remember that technology is evolving and many modern air conditioners are equipped with refrigerants that don't emit any harmful gases and doesn't cause any harm to the ozone layer. So, when purchasing an air conditioner, go for an eco-friendly one.

Now you are better with the comparisons of these two appliances. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The price plays an important role in deciding which appliance to buy.