your AC and if you don't do any maintenance then your AC might stop working after a year or two. That's why proper care is required. This article will help you in understanding what are the problems that you can run it and how you can prevent them by yourself or by an AC technician. Just click here in case if you ae looking for the top 10 best AC in India.

The most common problems with the AC unit that you can face are:

  • Improper installation of the AC unit.
  • AC cleaning that you can do by yourself.
  • Regular maintenance of the unit by a technician.

To an external world, the AC looks like a one or two pieces of the unit that runs to give cool breeze. However, Internally an Air Conditioner is an electrical device that comprises various components that function together to transfer the heat from the room to the outside and at the same time flow cold air in the room. You can check the differences between Air Conditioner and Cooler to know more about how they function.

Troubleshooting AC Problems

Most of the branded companies take the utmost care in assembling all these components together in a single piece of unit. However, in some rare cases, there can be a possibility that the components are properly not installed. That's why when you buy a new AC appliance, always request for installation by a qualified professional. This is what I do. Whenever I purchase a heavy appliance, I always ask for installation and also help me in understanding on operating the appliance.

Air Conditioner

Installation of AC Unit

Let's dive into the problems that you can resolve during the installation of the AC. If we want to install on your own, then we might end up doing so many mistakes and make the AC unit not to run at all. We are not qualified to do this job. So, better leave it to the professionals.

The AC technicians are trained to do this job for years. They know what are the different problems that they can encounter during the installation. Any problem whether it can be internal or external will resolve it immediately. And also, they will also test the unit whether it is running properly or not, the amount of cooling as in the pipes, etc. They also give us a demo on the AC unit operation and how to maintain it.

Air Conditioner Problems

The take of this is that the technician makes sure that the AC unit is operating as expected during the installation. After that, it is our responsibility to maintain it so that there are no issues pop up and the unit runs for a longer period without troubling us.

Regular Cleaning of the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit is responsible for letting the heat into the air. This unit should be in a proper working condition. This unit is placed outside of the room and is exposed to outside weather conditions. So, this unit gets accumulated with the dust particles, strains and makes it harder to flow the heat into the air. This accumulated waste materials put a lot of stress on the unit and make it harder to function. So we have to clean-up the dirt from this unit to make it work smoothly.

Now, most of the indoor units are coming up with auto cleaning functionality. This removes the dirt and bacteria from inside the unit. In case if your unit doesn't have the auto cleaning functionality, then make sure that you have to clean the inside part of the unit.

Prevent Water Leaks

The biggest and common problem with most of the air conditioners is the water leak. This occurs when the dirt gets accumulated in the condenser drain. This water leak causes a lot of problems like bad odor, messing up the unit area, and occasionally electrical short circuits. So, we have to be very careful in handling the water leakage problems. Installing an overflow switch will solve this problem. It shuts down the AC unit as soon as it detects the water leak. Then you will come to know that there is some problem and can clean up the condenser drain.

Have electrical components checked

It is always advisable to get regular checks of the electrical components in the house. This will prevent damaging not only air conditioners but other heavy electrical appliances as well. Daily, we are observing a lot of power fluctuations in our home, this will cause the circuit breaker to tip-off. When it switches off, we will turn it on again to have the power supply. However, in some rare situations, we will experience a high voltage in our home and this will damage the appliances. The most common reason for this high voltage is due to bad winding. Get this fixed as quickly as possible to prevent the damages.

Charge the correct amount of refrigerant

The AC cools the room by utilizing the coolant gas in the refrigerant. A correct amount of coolant gas prescribed in the manual should be filled in the equipment. Having excess or less amount will cause problems in cooling the room.

An excess amount of coolant gas can be found when the technician fills up more amount than the prescribed amount. The AC over utilizes this amount and cools the room more than the set temperature. This sometimes leads to freezing the AC unit as well. A leak in the refrigerant unit might also freeze the AC unit and other parts as well. This might damage the appliance and make it work hard. You have to fix these two issues as soon as possible.

A low amount of coolant gas can be found if you are using the AC unit for more than years and if you have shifted from one house to another house. In this situation, the AC unit might not be able to cool the room or have to work hard in cooling the room. Call the AC technician immediately and ask him to fill the required amount of gas.

Whatever may be the problem with the device, you will come to know only when it starts troubling you. You need to fix these problems immediately and you might end up paying more money as you have realized the problem lately. Be pro-active and have the unit checked regularly. This will cost you less and can avoid any future problems. Always look for a qualified technician recommended by the company. They are trained specially in handling the appliances that the company manufactures. It will be an easy-peasy job for them.