This is an interesting question. When to replace our old air conditioner with a new one? There are some signs which our old AC exhibit that gives us a clear indication that we need to replace it with a new one. What are those symptoms and how do you identify them is another important thing. We will see that in a short time.

Usually, an air conditioner lifetime is around 10 to 15 years. After that the efficiency of the air conditioner reduces. It doesn't cool much and utilizes more power. You will have to spend a huge amount on electricity bills. It is better to get rid of the inefficient one and purchase a new model. Obviously, you have to look for symptoms that force you to change your mind into buying a new AC.

When to Buy a new Air Conditioner

Buying an air conditioner is very easy. However, purchasing the best AC is what one should aim for. The top 10 best 1.5 ton split ac brand in India list can be found on this website home page. Go through the list and purchase a good AC for your home.

Let's dig deep into the signs that you should be aware of before replacing the old AC.

Age Factor: We have already discussed this earlier. Lets touchpoint again on this point one more time. As the air conditioner gets old, it losses its efficiency. As I have already mentioned that the lifetime of an AC is around 10 years. After this period, the AC starts troubling you a lot. It doesn't give better cooling, consumes more power, takes more time to cool the room, and demands for lot of maintenance. Even after all these problems, if you still using the AC then you have to spend a bulk amount on the maintenance. Instead, it is better to purchase a new air conditioner.

air conditioner signs and maintenance

Changes in Room Size: A simple formula exists between the room size and the capacity of the AC. The capacity of the AC is directly proportional to the size of your area. As the size of the room increases, the capacity of the AC should also increase, and vice versa. Recently, if you have moved into a bigger house, then you have to purchase a new AC with a higher capacity. My advice is better to plan the capacity of the AC ahead and think of using it for at least 7 years. Just for moving into a bigger house, it is not wise to buy a new air conditioner. So, proper planning is required.

Increase in Electricity Bill: Every month observe your electricity bill and look for any sudden in the bill. A sudden increase in the bill indicates that there is heavy usage of bigger electrical appliances. The air conditioner is one such home appliance that can double or triple your monthly bill. If you feel that there is some problem with the AC, better call a technician and fix the problems. If the issue is not something that the technician can't solve, then you have to better off with the old AC.

Leakages, Smells, and Noises: I have clubbed together many different signs here. All these problems clearly give a sign that there is problem with the air conditioner. Your AC was calm like a feather and all of a sudden it started making noises, an indication that there is a problem with the motor. On one random you will start smelling a foul smell in the house, a clear sign of a problem with the filters and evaporators. Leakage can occur due to the dripping of water that the condensation process causes. This leakage can make your room moisture. There can be other signs like you will feel heavy cooling that means more refrigerant gas is being utilized. Consult an AC professional for an advice before purchasing a newer appliance.

air conditioner malfunction

Short Cycling: This problem occurs mostly with automated air conditioners that has on/off feature. To control the heat in the room, the AC turns it on/off. However, if the AC is getting turned on/off frequently then definitely there is a malfunction in the unit. Another sign is that if the AC is taking a long time to cool than it used to be. Fix these malfunctions quickly with a professional.

There can be many other malfunctions with the AC, that give you clear sign of changing the old air conditioner with a newer one. I would like to highlight my experience here. I have purchased an AC with an aluminum condenser. Yeah, my bad, I shouldn't have purchased it. The aluminum condenser got melted after a year or so. My technician replaced it with a copper condenser. That copper coil didn't fit it well. So, it started leaking the gas and I had to change it frequently. The technician fixed the copper condenser many times, but still, it didn't fit. In the end I have purchased a new Air conditioner.