Are you in confusion about which type of Air conditioner to buy for your home purpose? There are around 5 different types of air conditioners available in the market and out of which Split and Window ACs are the most commonly purchased for home purposes. Of course, the other types of ACs can also be purchased for home purpose but they cost more. This article compares the two popular ACs that are widely used for domestic usage.

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The different aspects that took into consideration the comparison of the window and Split Ac are listed below:

  • Installation and Design
  • Cooling Capacity
  • Noise Level
  • Maintenance
  • Power consumption
  • Price

Comparison Between Split and Window AC

This article will provide the comparison between the Split and Window AC. Just in case if you are looking for the best 1.5 ton split air conditioner in the market, then check once. The following comparison will help you in identifying the correct type of AC for your home needs.

Split vs Window AC

Installation and Design

When you look at these two air conditioners, the first thing you will notice is the design differences. Both appliances are completely designed differently. The Window AC is the first Ac type that was designed out of these two and the split AC is later to be designed. We can call the window AC as the father of the Split Ac.

The window Ac is a bit portable and all the components like the compressor, condenser, and evaporator are equipped in a single unit. Thought the window AC is compact in size, it requires more space in the wall for installing the appliance. The technician has to make a hole as big as the size of the window AC. I recommend going with a house constructor for making a clean hole in the wall. You have to give the right measurements to the constructor. After this, the AC technician will install the unit.

Window AC doesn't give the flexibility for installing the unit wherever we want. We have to install it in parallel to the bed. Otherwise, we will not feel the coolness.

The split AC is made up of two units. These two units are generally called as the indoor unit and outdoor unit. The compressor, evaporator, and the filter reside in the indoor unit. The condensing unit resides in the outdoor unit. The installation of split AC is quite easy compared to the window AC. An AC technician is enough to make holes in the wall and install the entire unit.

Split Air Conditioner

The flexibility with Split AC is that it can be fitted anywhere in the room. However, it is better to fit the indoor unit on the wall that is open and not connected to any adjacent room.

Cooling Capacity

The cooling capacity between these two types of equipment is quite comparable, but still, the split AC wins in this category as well. The capacity of window AC ranges from 0.25 Ton to 2.5 Ton whereas the capacity of Split Ac ranges from 0.8 Ton to 3 Ton.

A window is well-suited for the small-sized rooms and a split AC is for a medium-sized room. The split AC can also be used for office purposes as well. The verdict is that Split AC has a higher capacity compared to the Window Ac.

Noise level

As all the components like condenser, coils, filters, compressor, motor, etc are packaged together in the Window Ac, you will hear the sound when the AC is running. This makes your sleep quite uncomfortable and especially for those who can't sleep with disturbances.

In the split AC, the components are separated and put them into two different units. All the noise-making units are put into the outdoor unit and all the components that work silently are moved into the indoor unit. So you will not hear any noise when the split is running. You can sleep quite comfortably.


The self-diagnosis feature in split AC makes it very easy to diagnose the problems and fix them without any technician help. To use this feature, we have to install the company provided mobile application on our mobile and connect it to the split Ac through the remote. The smartphone app automatically detects any problems in the Ac and let you know how to resolve them. You will need a technician to help in rare cases.

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The Window AC doesn't have the self-diagnosis feature. In case, if it troubles you then you have to look for some DIY steps online and try it out. No one recommends this as you might introduce new problems into the Ac. Better consult a technician and get the problem fixed.

Window Air Conditioner

Power consumption

This is one of the most important factors that you have to consider before choosing between the window AC or Split Ac. The split AC is completely automated. It cools the room within a few minutes and maintains the set room temperature by automatically sensing the temperature and turns on/off. This on/off feature makes the AC unit to consume less power.

The Window Acs are semi-automated and doesn't have the on/off feature. Thus it continuously runs throughout the night and consumes more power.


The key factor that plays a role in buying the Ac is the Price. The price of the window Ac ranges from Rs.15,000 to Rs.30000. Whereas the price of the Split Ac can range from Rs.25,000 to Rs.1,50,0000. Budget freaks stay with the Window Ac and you will save a huge amount. Those who are luxury freaks and do not care about the money buy a split Ac.


Overall when we see the pros and cons of both the ACS, the split AC has a better edge over the window Ac. The Split Ac consumes less energy, gives better cooling, less noise, and better for bigger rooms. On the other hand, Window AC has less price and good for small-sized rooms. In the end the price plays the main deciding factor on which type of AC to purchase.